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De 10 artikelen van trouw

The Ten Articles of Faith on Mental Training by Master C. Terrigno - 6th Dan Editor, Tang Soo Do World

In a structured society, laws are created to bring about order, keep the peace, and protect the individual members. In a perfect society this would not be necessary because its members would share a common set of guiding principles and ideals. Throughout history specialized groups have been formed whose membership was carefully selected and trained to ensure that they possessed the right character to uphold those ideals in service to the ruler and community as a whole.
One such group was the Hwa Rang (Flowering Youth), an elite warrior class created in Korea during the Silla Dynasty around the 6th century A.D. The institution they formed was the Hwa Rang Do. They were generally young and well educated, coming from the noble class and with good moral character. As Hwa Rang they received instruction in literature and the fine arts and were taught the art of warfare. They were also given a code of ethics that were divided into five doctrines and nine virtues for correct living called Hwa Rang Do O Kae and Hwa Rang Do Kyo Hoon.
Tang Soo Do adopted the five doctrines and expanded them into the Ten Articles of Faith that we train by. The first five are directly from the Hwa Rang code.
 1.  Loyalty to one's country 2.  Loyalty to one's parents 3.  Trust and brotherhood among friends 4.  Courage never to retreat in the face of the enemy 5.  Justice never to take a life without cause 6.  Be loving between husband and wife 7.  Be respectful to your elders 8.  Be faithful between teacher and student 9.  Be cooperative between brothers 10. Always finish what you start
For historical reference, the nine virtues of the Hwa Rang were:
 1.  Humanity 2.  Justice 3.  Courtesy 4.  Wisdom 5.  Trust 6.  Goodness 7.  Virtue 8.  Loyalty
 9.  Courage

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De 8 basis concepten

Tang Soo Do is gebaseerd op vier generieke, en een achttal basis concepten. Deze zijn bepaald door de oprichter van Tang Soo Do, KJW Hwang Kee. Door het beoefenen van Tang Soo Do ontwikkel je ze allemaal, maar iedereen heeft zijn eigen, natuurlijke 'favoriet'. Met name de 4 generieke concepten zie je ook terug in de hyungs (loopvormen), de 8 sleutel concepten zeggen iets over sociale omgang, normen en waarden binnen en buiten de Dojang: deze principes neem je ook mee in je dagelijks leven.


Vertaling Audio
Innerlijke kracht Neh Gung l
Externe kracht Weh Gung l
Mentale (spirituele) kracht Shim Gung l
Kalmte en Gemoedsrust Pyung Ahn l

Eight Key Concepts (By Tang Soo Do's Founder - Hwang Kee)

Sleutel concept:

Vertaling Audio
Moed Yong Gi l
Concentratie Chung Shin Tong Il l
Volharding In Neh l
Eerlijkheid Chung Jik l
Nederigheid Kyum Son l
Beheersing van kracht Him Cho Chung l
Spanning / ontspanning Shin Chook l
Beheersing van snelheid Wan Gup l

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